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How to Protect Your Parents from Financial Exploitation

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According to a recent study by the Investor Protection Trust and Investor Protection Institute, the top three ways that the elderly could be financially exploited are:

· Theft of funds or property by family members

· Theft of funds or property by caregivers

· Financial scams by strangers

It is estimated that one in nine seniors has been a victim of financial abuse in the past year, so what can you do to protect elderly parents from financial fraud?

Here are some tips:

Seek out a financial abuse prevention seminar in your local area.

Many senior centers and organizations provide these programs, so choose one and go with your parent(s) as an opportunity to do something social with them.

Put your parents’ finances on auto-pilot

Enroll them in direct deposit for Social Security, pension, retirement, and investment income. Set up automatic bill pay for as many bills as possible, and help them pay their bills online.

Check in with them frequently

Ask them directly if they have been solicited by anyone who visited or called. If you live nearby, visit in person.

Invest in an annuity

Some experts advise those with elderly parents who become incapable of handling investments to invest a portion of their retirement income into a low-cost, immediate-fixed or inflation-adjusted annuity from a reputable insurance company. This will provide a guaranteed lifetime income that cannot be lost to fraud or abuse.

Keep savings in employer's 401(k) plan

If a parent’s savings are still in their former employer’s 401(k) plan, consider keeping it there. These plans are strictly regulated for the exclusive benefit of employees and may yield the best investment deal possible.

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