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Before Hiring an Estate Planning Lawyer Understand the Difference


Many estate planning attorneys take a “one-size-fits-all” approach with their clients; they do this so that they can work with as many people as possible in a short period of time.


The problem is that the client has an impersonal experience; but worse than that, this way of planning can lead to unintended results in the long run for the family.


Consequences When Estate Planning Attorneys Don’t Listen


When lawyers do not take the time to listen and consider a family’s personal circumstances, the result is that your will & trust documents do not end up reflecting what your family really wants to happen.


And usually, there is no review or updating, so the plan quickly becomes outdated and does not work when your family needs it most.


So even though you may pay less upfront to get a standard set of documents (or even documents that are customized for your family), things end up much more expensive in the long run.


Plus, you leave your family at risk of having to deal with an expensive, unnecessary court process during a time of tremendous grief.


We Listen


We are right for you if you want to know that your plan will actually work when you and your loved ones need it most.


If all you want is a set of legal documents, there are plenty of online resources you can use to create them.


Or you can go to a traditional estate planning lawyer.


If what you want is to know you’ve got a plan in place that will work when your family needs it, and keep the people you love out of court, and out of conflict, and your assets out of the hands of the government, then we might be the right fit for you.

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No time for mistakes. Save your family a lot of money, stress, and wasted time.

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