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Hi! I'm glad you're here.


You've taken a great first step in protecting yourself, your family, and your assets just by being here.

Being prepared for one's eventual death or incapacity is crucial. 


One or the other will definitely happen. It's just a matter of when.

The advance planning you do today can mean the difference between leaving a legacy of love and caring for your family or untold trouble. 

I'm not trying to scare you, but if you are scared, it might be because you're worried about not planning and what would happen to you or your loved ones, or maybe you've heard countless horror stories from people you know.

But the truth is, it is scary not to plan. 

I know I was scared when my mom became suddenly incapacitated when she was just 52 years old.


She didn't do any advance planning probably like a lot of people because she was so busy, was relatively young, and didn't have much in the way of assets.

When she became incapacitated, she required 24-hour care and our family fell apart. 


It's been years since my mom became incapacitated and the effects of her not planning remain even today.

So I speak from experience when I say that planning is critical for the quality of life that you want if you become incapacitated and for saving your family immense stress, heartache, and money.

In light of my own experience, I strive to educate other Hawaii families not only on the importance of planning, but on how to do it right so that their plan actually works when they need it the most because many plans do not.


This is why I recommend working with an estate planning lawyer like me. You've got too much to lose to gamble with cheaper alternatives and the money you spend now to work with me will typically be far less than what it would cost you if you don't plan or if your family is stuck in court trying to clean up the mess left by a cheap or outdated plan. 

Working with me is actually the less expensive option in the long run.


And, that's what it's about...the long run.


I hope you have a long healthy life ahead of you, but if not, you'll be prepared.


But, not all estate planning attorneys are equal.


Unhappy with the traditional estate planning process of one-size-fits-all form documents, focus on wealth transfers of individuals nearing death, and lack of ongoing service and support to ensure plans actually work when needed, I knew there had to be a better way to protect families. 


Not just the financially wealthy and not just at the end, but all families and throughout all stages of life. 


I opened my firm as a modern and more comprehensive approach to the estate planning process and clients love it. You will too.

More About Me


I was born and raised in Hawaii and graduated from the University of Hawaii before earning both my Juris Doctor (J.D.) and Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) at the University of San Francisco. 


I have experience as an attorney in the government and private sectors. While working in the private sector, I have appeared before various judges in Hawaii's Circuit Courts before opening my firm and focusing on estate planning. 

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