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Congratulations on taking a monumental step towards safeguarding yourself, your loved ones, and your assets just by visiting our website.

Preparing for the inevitable events of life, such as death or incapacity, is crucial.

Let's face it, one of these events will undoubtedly occur—it's not a question of if, but rather when.

The advance planning you undertake today can mean the difference between leaving a lasting legacy of love and care for your family or subjecting them to untold hardships and complications.

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That's precisely why I have gone above and beyond to make my services as convenient and effortless as possible, aiming to inspire families like yours to put an end to the postponement of this vital planning. For instance, I conduct meetings online, enabling you to plan from the comfort of your own home, instead of sitting in traffic to reach my office.

I go above and beyond traditional estate planning to provide comprehensive planning and protection for your entire family, ensuring no aspect is overlooked:

✅ I bridge the protection gap often left by conventional estate plans, especially when it comes to your children. My specialized protection plan is designed to safeguard them, ensuring they never fall into the hands of strangers, such as Child Welfare Services or Foster Care, in the event of a car accident or emergency.

✅ I can ensure the security of your children's inheritance, shielding it from potential threats posed by predators, creditors, divorces, and lawsuits.

✅ I enable you to pass on more than just your financial assets. Your intangible treasures, such as your stories, experiences, and values—the very essence of who you are—will be preserved, which is often overlooked by traditional estate planning.

✅ I proactively ensure that your plan stays current, adapting to changes in your life, assets, and the law. Through our complimentary plan review every three years, you can rest assured that your plan remains up to date and aligned with your evolving circumstances.


✅ I provide unwavering support and guidance throughout your life journey. In times of need, your loved ones will have a trusted and familiar ally to turn to for assistance.

Don't just take my word for it—my clients have consistently given me a stellar 5-star rating on both Google and Facebook. They appreciate the convenience and comprehensiveness of my services.

I warmly invite you to join the numerous families in Hawaii with whom I have helped attain true peace of mind through a meticulously prepared plan coupled with unwavering support.

Take the step towards securing the future of your family and experience the profound sense of assurance that comes from working with a dedicated professional.

More About Me


Born and raised in Hawaii, I have deep roots in this community. I proudly graduated from the University of Hawaii and went on to pursue my passion for law and business, earning both a Juris Doctor (J.D.) and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the University of San Francisco.

My professional journey has encompassed invaluable experiences in both the government and private sectors. During my time in the private sector, I had the privilege of appearing before numerous judges in Hawaii's Circuit Courts. It was during this time that I recognized the pressing need for comprehensive estate planning services, which ultimately led me to establish my own firm with a focus on this essential field. My background and multifaceted expertise allow me to approach estate planning with a comprehensive perspective, informed by both legal acumen and business insights. 

As a native of these islands, I am not only committed to providing exceptional legal services but also to serving the community that has shaped me. Hawaii is not just a place I call home—it is my inspiration, my motivation, and the driving force behind my unwavering dedication to helping families like yours protect what matters most.


Aloha, I'm Keoni Souza.

I am dedicated to empowering busy families like yours, ensuring that everyone and everything they hold dear remains protected, while simultaneously steering clear of the turmoil and conflicts that often arise during times of incapacity or following the loss of a loved one.

After practicing law since 2014, I made the decision in 2017 to leave behind my conventional law firm career and establish my own firm. I quickly realized that the existing system primarily catered to the elderly, nearing the end of their lives. That's when I resolved to provide services specifically tailored to families still in the process of growth and actively pursuing success.

Why am I so passionate about estate planning?

The answer lies in my personal experience involving my own mother. At the age of 52, she suffered a sudden heart attack and stroke without any prior plans in place. This unfortunate event resulted in years filled with stress, financial strain, and heartache—all of which could have been completely avoided through proper preparation.

My passion is estate planning because I want to help other families avoid the devastation that results from unexpected incapacity or death when no plan is in place.

Regrettably, far too many families wait until it's too late to take action.

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No time for mistakes. Save your family a lot of money, stress, and wasted time.

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