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Naming Legal Guardians for Your Children is Critical

If you’re the parent of minor children, the most devastating consequence of having no estate plan is what could happen to your kids in the event of your death or incapacity.


Without a plan in place naming legal guardians for your kids, it will be left for a judge to decide who cares for your children. And this could cause major heartbreak not only for your children, but for your entire family.

Don't Leave It Up to a Judge to Choose for You

You’d like to think that a judge would select the best person to care for your kids, but it doesn’t always work out that way.


Indeed, the judge could pick someone from your family you’d never want to raise them to adulthood. And if you don’t have any family, or the family you do have is deemed unfit, your children could be raised by total strangers.

Prevent Court Battles Over Your Children

What’s more, if you have several relatives who want to care for your kids, they could end up fighting one another in court over who gets custody.


This can get extremely ugly, as otherwise well-meaning family members fight one another for years, making their lawyers wealthy, while your kids are stuck in the middle.

If you have minor children, your number-one planning priority should be naming legal guardians to care for your children if anything should happen to you.


This is so critical.


A Kids Protection Plan Keeps Your Kids Out of the Care of Strangers

I have a comprehensive system called the Kids Protection Plan® that does that and more. 

Naming legal guardians won’t keep your family out of court, as a judge is always required to finalize the legal naming of guardians in the event of death or incapacity of parents.


But if it’s important to you who raises your kids if you can’t, you need to give the judge clear direction.

On top of that, you need to take action to keep your kids out of the care of strangers over the immediate term, while the authorities figure out what to do if something happens to you.


I handle that in a Kids Protection Plan® too.

Name Legal Guardians for Your Kids for Free

You can get started with this process right now for free by visiting my user-friendly website:


There, you'll be able to create legal documents that name long-term guardians for your children.


While this is just one document out of the many that are included with my Kids Protection Plan®, it's a great start and it will at least address some of the issues written about above.


If you have minor children at home, you should immediately use this resource to get started.


Contact Us​

Afterward, you can schedule a follow-up visit with us to put the full Kids Protection Plan® in place for you and your family.

Do you worry about what will happen to your kids if something happens to you? Get some peace of mind today.

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